saymeen inamdar

In China, orchid signifies refinement and innocence. Orchids have always been considered rare and delicate beauty. And true to its meaning, is ORCHID MAKEOVERS. ORCHID MAKEOVERS run by Mrs. Rashida Kapadia, stands tall from the rest of the image consultancy because of madam’s passion and dedication. I am very much grateful to ma’am for the guidance given to me, which truly reflects in me today. Change which is always difficult to accept, became a very easy journey for me, because Rashida ma'am not only helped me to accept the change and but also helped me to recognize my true self. I wish ma’am all the success in future and I humbly request to all those who are coming to ma’am for a makeover to whole- heartedly put themselves in her hand and … LET THE MAKEOVER BEGIN.


Well if I go back to the day when I first met Mrs. Kapadia I had no direction in my life nor was I bothered about how I look or portray myself to people. The first time I met her just like Mother Earth she kept extracting and taking things one by one from me and then with an immense punch of positivity and abundance knowledge of self growth and improvement she hit me so hard that thankfully today I just laugh off my past, love my present and am very upfront about the future. She also taught to respect and love to elders and children which pays you back gradually. Bottom line is she is one gem of a person and I would like to thank her for helping me and making me realize about things no one could. I wish her and her family all the luck and best wishes for the future.


Mam, this is just a small token of thanks. I was all new to the city. Being from a small town I found it difficult to settle down in Mumbai. But I never realised when it turned me into a mumbaiya. It was so fast! My major problem was confidence. New college, New place, New people. It was very difficult for me to settle down here. The way you trained me, I could make friends and most important I was enjoying it. All thanks to you. You not only solved my major problem confidence but also trained me with different etiquettes. I now realized it makes me stand out in the crowd. Living alone comes with a lot of responsibility. You made aware of my flaws and helped me correct them. Today am happy and enjoying my life. All thanks to you!

Mikhaila D'souza

I'd really like to Thank you Ma'am for helping me in developing my Interpersonal Skills! Although I knew I could speak and talk well...I still didn't have the confidence and courage to talk to people, specially begin new conversations and then carry it on further..These sessions have helped me realize that its mostly the fear within that dominates us and puts us in those unpleasant situations! Its all about self belief and self confidence!! In the first session when u made me write my positive and negative points.. I had very few good points to mention about myself.. although I did have a long list, I couldn't pen them down! And that's when it struck me, if I can't appreciate myself I couldn't expect others to do that either! While having the presentation-skills workshops..all my fellow students had positive reviews to give me..I came across as confident and intelligent! And that made me think that most of the problem is just my self assumed fear...which I have to get rid of! Its a gradual process and I'm looking forward to changing it and slowly developing into this really outspoken and well versed person who can hold abrupt conversations anytime and anywhere!  I've still kept my notebook..and I'm going to add new points if I come across something useful and catchy...  And also, every month I'm going to make my list of good points and bad points about me... Appreciate the good points  And work on changing the bad points! I'm happy to have taken this course! Thank you Rashida Ma'am!

Sana Khan

Rashida Kapadia is a well experienced Image consultant. She has given me a different outlook towards life. Fear of meeting a strange person, lack of confidence, feeling shy, boring personality these all things I had which Rashida mam helped me change . She has guided me in every aspect of grooming. She has taught me how to look good every time, how to take care of my skin, how to talk with everyone and how to introduce myself. Now, I have become more confident and got a great personality with the help of Rashida mam. She has taught me everything like Interpersonal skills, Body Language and all kinds of Etiquette. So, I am very thankful to Rashida mam. She is a very good Image Consultant. Thank you very much mam for changing my lifestyle.

Harsha Samtani

It is well said that “We don’t meet people by accident, They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” Meeting Rashida ma’am who is an extremely patient and experienced Image Consultant proved to be a turning point of my life. Fear of meeting new people and facing new changes in life, always made me appear as a shy, nervous and boring personality. But after doing the course of personality development directed by Mrs. Rashida kapadia, helped me to turn into a confident and charming person. Thank you ma’am for your support, guidance and efforts that made me realize that “In life we never get a second chance to create first impression.”


Hi my name is Mohd shaikh . I would like to share my experience of learning English, soft skills and etiquette from Rashida ma’am. She understood my fear of speaking in English. One to one classes have given me more confidence in myself my English has improved especially in pronounciation , grammar and communication. My teacher Rashida was great . She was very professional. ORCHID COMPLETE MAKEOVERS in my opinion is the perfect place to learn English and soft skills and etiquette. I once again thank Rashida ma’am for all her efforts and support she has given during my session. Today is my last day of training just wanted to thank you for such a nice training session. I really appreciate your efforts.

Miloni Parekh

Honestly saying, when my dad first introduced me to you I wasn’t at all confident about finishing this entire workshop. But as days passed, you always made me comfortable and showed a lot of gratitude which made me look forward for another session with you. Ma’am I just can't thank you enough and I think all my words are too less for all the positive changes you have made in me. I feel more confident in almost everything I do, either in meeting people or talking to people and moreover in dressing myself. Ma’am I no longer feel weight is my problem [ obviously I am going to loose it. I also promise to improve my talking skills and my art of conversation. Thank you so much ma’am for making me beautiful not only from outside but from within. I am blessed to have a teacher like you in my life. Thank you so much ma’am for all your teaching, care and love you showered on me.

Kunal Hemant Solanki

I have found ORCHID MAKEOVER as a very good place for personality development. Mrs Rashida Kapadia helped me to become more confident and overcoming my weaknesses. At first I was very nervous , now I have became confident I started maintaining eye contact in a conversation. Day by day it helped in my daily life. For example, improving my eating habits, dressing style, etc. ORCHID MAKEOVERS was a good step to improve my personality. Mrs Rashida Kapadia taught me how to make good first impression and to behave in a steady manner during a conversation. For example not crossing my hands and maintaining a good posture . Last but not the least I thank Mrs Rashida ma’am for all her help.

Rajesh Kumar Adal

I started my careers 6 years back and was working with some of the finest hospitality personnel and I was directly responsible for V.I.P.S and niche personalities of the society. I always found that there was some missing element in me that kept me apart from other persons and also I was not that social. After meeting Mrs. Rashida, where she groomed me from tip to toe and from personal to professional attire. Because of which I am more confident now than before. Now I am not only independent but also many of my team members are dependent and looking at me as their model. Thank you Mrs. Rashida.

Pooja Malekar

I wanted a makeover so I could feel brighter on the inside and out. Now that I want to look more professional and serious so that I can get better in my job and life. First Rashida mam and I discussed my current style situation. I used to throw my hair up in a ponytail.  I wore salwar kameez all the time. When we first started working together, I was very negative about my looks.  She helped me feel beautiful in clothes that I normally wouldn’t wear and it made me feel better.  When we went shopping, she picked out a couple outfits for me to try on.  When I put the clothes on, I was surprised I felt that I looked good in them because they were things I normally would not wear. She incorporated my tastes into a more professional look. I’m used to my “Behenji” style of clothes.  Overall, I had a lot of fun shopping, seeing what I could feel beautiful in.  I felt really good about how I looked. Then we got together to do my hair.  We talked about what I would like and what I normally do with my hair. She strongly suggested that we should go a little shorter.  I was a little hesitant at first because I like long hair.  But I needed my hair fixed and wanted to see a change in me.  So the person cut my hair evenly and gave it a new style. Compared to my prior experiences with haircuts I would say I was speechless because I looked so much better and more beautiful than before.  I felt good in my own skin. She taught me not to put on thick eyeliner on the insides and outsides of the lid because it makes my eyes look smaller.  She taught me how to blend in my blush and eye shadow.  I don’t normally wear lipstick and she showed me a good shade for my skin tone.   Since the makeover, when I leave the house I can wear my hair down and do a cute style.  I can do my makeup properly.  Now I dress very professionally in the outfit we created together. I would recommend Orchid Complete Makeovers services to friends my age or to anyone in need of a makeover.  She helped me look more mature and serious to make getting a job easier.  She is easy to work with because she helped me see things clearer as far as what I need to do to get a job. When she gave her opinions, she did it in a way that I understood.  I think Ms. Rashida Kapadia helped me by approaching me in an honest, respectful way so I could feel more confident and improve myself to become a better person.

Sumita jaain

"Life is all about learning and improving youself and presenting your self in the best ever way you can". This is what i have learnt and gained from the esteemed Mrs. Rashida Kapadia. To weeks back i was looking for some courses to enhance and improve my personality skills and then i came across her she is one of the finest personality consultant one can ever have she not only makes a person learnin new things but also makes the best of you and improves you all through out which you can never think you could ever be. Her program not only focuses on commub=nication skilla, basic etiquette but also on personal enhancement including dressing makeover and various other aspects required to make you "Absolute Perfect" so here I landed up myself exploring new limits of what I am now and I am highly obliged to have her making me a better person in all aspects of life.